Celebrate Soulmate with Pandora Friends Collection

There’s a deep connection between you that can’t be explained, and you just know that you were meant to be together. A friend makes you laugh, spurs you on to give your best, and often knows you better than you know yourself. Over the years, friendship bracelets have been worn by friends as symbols of this bond. During my school days, friends would spend hours knitting, tying or weaving friendship bracelets. In more recent years rubber bands replaced the thread and cord of the past. Now Pandora captures this tradition and takes a further step with a new set of modern and versatile bracelets.

Together with Pandora, we’re toasting to the magic of friendship. The jewellery brand has released a charming and inspiring collection called Pandora Friends; a playful take on fashion and each with their own adorable personalities.

Under the creative direction of Dané Stojanovic and as shot by Sevak Babakhani, we’re introducing you to the little characters on each charm – and the stories behind them – so you can pick and choose which best match the qualities of your best friends, the ones who deserve a special gift.

Nini the Rabbit

Kỉ niệm tình bạn với BST Pandora Friends
Nini the Rabbit

Beautiful, kind-hearted and sensitive. You can find Nini the Rabbit and her huge floppy ears flouncing about Burrow Borough with a cold-pressed carrot juice as she deals out sound advice to her friends.

Pippo the Flying Pig

Pippo the Flying Pig
A motivator to all his pals, Pippo the Flying Pig embodies the phrase, “When pigs fly”. He’s the one who is always pushing his peers to dream bigger and reminding them of their capabilities.
Welcome Nini the Rabbit to your Pandora Friends collection. Hand-finished in sterling silver, Nini the Rabbit is warm-hearted and fun and loves spending time with her friends. She’s a great listener thanks to her large ears and has a positive attitude. She’s known among the Pandora Friends for always giving the best advice and offering support whenever they need it. This sweet rabbit charm makes for a great addition to your collection and serves as a reminder to stay positive and be happy.

Rob Bot & Bella Bot

Kỉ niệm tình bạn với BST Pandora Friends
Rob Bot & Bella Bot

Bella Bot is one strong little woman. Robust and with a heart of gold, she is living and working in this silver metropolis with Rob Bot, her partner. He is known amongst the boys as the one to go to when you need a steady hand to guide you through a tough situation.

Add a touch of sweetness to your style with this silver robotic charm. The first Pandora friend. Bella Bot is ready to add sweet chic style to your bracelet or necklace. Crafted in sterling silver and features articulated arms and legs. Add fun movement to your Pandora Moments bracelet or necklace. This talisman signifies joy and adventure. She wears a pretty pink bow in her hair. Dress her up in a statement-driven style that tells your story.

Dino the Dinosaur

Pandora Dino the dinosaur charm

Known amongst his friends as an oracle of sorts, Dino the Dinosaur has roamed Mushroom Mountain for many years. He’s always offering up pearls of wisdom, is fiercely loyal and believes life is a marathon, not a race.

Dino the Dinosaur is helpful and caring and forever learning important life lessons on friendship and team work. The dinosaur charm in polished sterling silver is a real character and the latest addition to our Pandora Friends collection. His feet are detailed with heart-shaped soles and his hair is spikey. Add this cool little Jurassic-inspired friend to a bracelet or necklace to make your style roar with symbolic style.

Theo Bear

Kỉ niệm tình bạn với BST Pandora Friends
Pandora Theo The Bear charm

Everybody has that sweeter than honey friend, the one who is kind and selfless and warm and caring. Theo Bear and Nini the Rabbit have often spent afternoons at Burrow Borough daydreaming up fun activities for their friends.

Theo Bear is best described as a cute and cuddly daydreamer with kindness at his core. This sweet teddy bear charm is made of sterling silver and has a heart-shaped belly button. Theo Bear is a bellyful of laughs, and you can always count on him to have a good time. He’s easy-going and laidback, encourages others to follow their passions, laughs at his own jokes and shares hilarious memes. Add him to your collection of Pandora Friends.

Bruno the Unicorn

Pandora unicorn charm
Goofy and silly, Bruno the Unicorn bounds through life with a spring in his step. He believes that love is always the answer and anything can be solved with good communication and a trip to the fantastical Pink Sky.
Channel Bruno the Unicorn’s pureness and strength with this sterling silver charm, and let his belief that love can overcome any obstacle come to life on your bracelet.

Nino the Hedgehog

Kỉ niệm tình bạn với BST Pandora Friends
Pandora hedgehog charm
If you’re ever having a bad day, a trip to Sunflower Valley with Nino the Hedgehog will become your happy place. It’s a far cry from the time he lived in New York City with his “Free Hugs” sign but his love for the botanicals means he is exactly where he needs to be.
Nino the Hedgehog is a playful little guy that loves to spread happiness and good vibes all around. He’s always ready to give out free hugs, loves being close to his friends and is always ready to show them how much he cares for them. As one of the adorable Pandora Friends, Nino the Hedgehog is a perfect charm for any hedgehog lover or a great friend that deserves extra appreciation.

Patti the Sheep

Patti the Sheep charm
Boasting the longest lashes in all of the land, Patti the Sheep doesn’t follow the herd. Instead she celebrates differences and is that wonderful little character always reminding her friends that being unique is something to be championed.

Boo the Ghost

Kỉ niệm tình bạn với BST Pandora Friends
Boo the Ghost
Boo! Don’t be scared, Boo is the cutest ghost you ever did see. He’s not here to scare or startle you, instead, this little ghost will always be with you, just like the most important people in our lives (even if we don’t see them). Hauntingly beautiful with big enamel eyes, he’s always ready for a ghost hug and wears his heart on his sleeve – or base, boasting an adorable cut-out heart underneath.
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